Become a Rep

launch your dream.

You can own your own boutique without a brick and mortar storefront. You can curate your own gorgeous inventory without sourcing from a hundred different suppliers. You can market without being spammy. You can be an entrepreneur without a big idea that will change the world. You can start up without having tens of thousands of dollars or an unlimited line of credit at the ready. You can run a business without a degree.  I know you can, because I already am.

Interested? Sign up below and check out our Discover group. It doesn't commit you to anything at all. You'll receive an invitation to join the next Discover group on Facebook and have a chance to get a ton of information and ask any questions you might have from company representatives. In addition, I'll add you to my team page, where you'll have immediate and intimate access to some of the top sellers and most amazing reps in the company- all of whom started out right where you are today. 

I'm happy you're thinking about this adventure. I'd love to help you get it off the ground. Let's do it, together.